Письмо ИнАУ в ICANN (англ.)

ІнАУ, Інтернет Асоціація України

Mr. Michael Roberts
President and Chief Executive Officer
Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Subject: Situation With the Delegation and Administration of Country Code Top
Level Domain (Ukraine)

Dear Mr. Roberts,

With  this   letter  we   would   like   to   inform   you   about  the  current   situation   and   processes   in Ukraine     aimed     to  establish     proper     governance     of    Ukrainian     National     Top  Level Domain .UA: Concerning the administration of the ".UA" domain we find it necessary to inform you as follows.

In the opinion of the Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA), the members of which include approximately 50 first-class Ukrainian Internet service providers, the existing system for administration of the ".UA" domain currently facilitates the carrying out of basic technical procedures satisfactorily, but requires successive and gradual reform.

The Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA) participated in the development of the basic ideas for establishment of the Ukrainian Network Information Center (UANIC) which would have not only met the requirements of the absolute majority of Internet market participants in Ukraine, but would also have taken into account governmental concerns, and would have been in line with international practice. However, the fundamental organizational principles for developing the Ukrainian Network Information Center (UANIC), which were originally determined with the aid of the UIA, have been severely violated in the past year during implementation of this project. Today the Security Service of Ukraine and representatives of state telecommunication monopolist Ukrtelecom have gained absolute control over UANIC to the detriment of the vast majority of ISPs, and other public and state structures concerned. The efforts of two other state organizations, the Ministry of the Economics and the State Committee for Entrepreneurship, to take part in the UANIC were also disregarded. This fact forced the UIA to renounce its participation in this project.

Hence, we are addressing ICANN with this request to take into account the opinion of the UIA, and for the time being to refrain from making changes to the domain names administration system in Ukraine, as such changes would severely infringe upon the interests of UIA members and the interests of the whole Internet community in Ukraine.

Yours sincerel
Tatyana Chairpe
Тел./факс +380 (44) 228 29 25
http. //www.inau.org.ua